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Hexapedal, nocturnal reptile, pack hunter. Adults bear retractable, venomous spines on the inner surfaces of the front pair of legs, injecting small doses of a paralytic toxin into warm-blooded prey.

rennit bushes

Literature; Fiction

Shrubby cold-climate herbs often planted and clipped as a hedge.

Reyai Plains

Literature; Fiction

Temperate grasslands between the Eothain and Mirissi River valleys, the summer home of huge endris herds. Inhabited by nomadic Arrahshanavissarellayai (Arayai) tribes.


Literature; Fiction

A stocky quadriped of the chindi order, omnivorous and slow-moving, with a tough, three-layered skin; the middle layer secretes a bad-smelling, mildly toxic oil when the ri'lhar is alarmed. Some ...


Literature; Fiction

The northern edge of Veran's small southern continent, settled by humans within the hundred years or so preceding the Klarosian occupation, only a few scattered settlements, some not permanent.

Royal Agenda

Literature; Fiction

A list of projects and functions undertaken by the Royal House, such as construction and maintenance of roads, Citadels, courts, etc. The Royal Agenda must be approved triennially by the Council.

Royal Audit

Literature; Fiction

An office of the Royal House charged with certain fiscal duties, including the Royal Audit, the Seisin-Moot, and oversight of the Privy Credit.

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