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Literature; Fiction

Male consort of the holder of a Matrikaril, usually a Satreth is life-dowered with one or more holdings of the Matrikaril and is referred to by that title; also a generic referent to a male consort ...


Literature; Fiction

A Veran who has mastered a course of discipline or skill-building to the level of theory. Savant is also the title commonly given to teachers, regardless of their actual level of mastery.


Literature; Fiction

Religious reference to the dualistic concepts derived from the old Calichaen faith held by many of the original Veran colonists.

Shadow Guild

Literature; Fiction

References to the Crooks' Guild, also known as the Shadow Guild. A Guild Master is known among Crooks as The Shadowmaster of his/her Guild, and 'Shadowman' is an alternate title for 'Guildmember.'


Literature; Fiction

A naturally sweet cereal grain used in beverage and food making.


Literature; Fiction

Coin, financial holdings, or other items of value held as savings or investments, non-land-based wealth representing a family member's share of the family's wealth.


Literature; Fiction

The custom, commoner in western and northern karils, of welcoming distinguished or honored guests with an evening of food and entertainment that showcase the finest talents of the karil.

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