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Literature; Fiction

A Veran Adept or Elder in the Discipline of reading and sorting channels--in essence, a mental Healer.


Literature; Fiction

Female title for consort to a Holder, co-parent, formally taken, honorific, also the Consort of the King


Literature; Fiction

The closely-related dialects of Low Veran spoken among the peoples who inhabit the Lyoris Marshes in the west, the Mirrissi Delta marshfolk, and the marshfolk of the Midnight Marshes on the Amber ...


Literature; Fiction

A fabric spun from the fine, strong threads produced by an insect of the Veran tropics.

Starlit Road

Literature; Fiction

Reference to the Veran Believers' conception of the afterlife, or transition from life to the afterlife.

Statutes Minor

Literature; Fiction

Veran laws passed by local and regional Houses, Councils of Chartered jurisdictions, etc.


Literature; Fiction

Order of Veran fauna. Similar to amphibians but warm-blooded. Dioecious, endoskeletal, and oviparous except for a small number of micro-species that reproduce by meiotic separation.

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