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General seafood

Of or pertaining to food that has an aquatic natural habitat.

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General seafood

clam chowder

Seafood; General seafood

A thick soup made of clams and broth. There are many varieties. At Red Lobster you’ll find the white and creamy New England-style version.

cheddar bay biscuits

Seafood; General seafood

Our secret recipe for a delicious way to start your meal. We serve more than 1.2 million per day. You’ll get a basket with every entrée ordered.


Seafood; General seafood

Using high temperatures and a direct heat source, particularly within an oven. It’s a perfect preparation method that can be used to create dishes that are lighter in fat.

black grouper

Seafood; General seafood

The best-known member of the grouper family, primarily found in the Western Atlantic Ocean. Depending on availability and season, it is sometimes on our Today’s Fresh Fish menu.


Seafood; General seafood

A seasoned, thick soup. We make ours rich and flavorful with succulent lobster.

arctic char

Seafood; General seafood

Both a freshwater and saltwater fish native to northern cold, deep waters. Has a similar taste and texture to salmon or trout.


Seafood; General seafood

A variety of tuna, also known as longfin tuna or white meat tuna.

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