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Human resources

Referring to the function within an organisation that is charged with managing its employees, often as well as its recruitment process.

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Human resources


Business services; Human resources

A benefit offered by the employer to displaced employees which may consist of such services as job counseling, training, and job-finding assistance.


Business services; Human resources

A contractual agreement between an employer and an external third party provider whereby the employer transfers responsibility and management for certain HR, benefit or training related functions or ...

pareto chart

Business services; Human resources

A bar graph used to rank in order of importance information such as causes or reasons for specific problems so that measures for process improvement can be established.

peer appraisal

Business services; Human resources

A performance appraisal strategy whereby an employee is reviewed by his/her peers who have sufficient opportunity to examine the individual’s job performance.

performance management

Business services; Human resources

This is a process of identifying, evaluating and developing the work performance of employees in an organization, in order that organizational objectives are more effectively achieved and understood ...

performance planning

Business services; Human resources

A total approach to managing people and performance. Involving setting performance aims and expectations for the organization, departments and individuals employees.

personal grievance

Business services; Human resources

A complaint brought by one party to an employment contract against another party. See Part 9 of the Employment Relations Act 2000.

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