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Human resources

Referring to the function within an organisation that is charged with managing its employees, often as well as its recruitment process.

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Human resources

probationary arrangements

Business services; Human resources

Where the parties to an employment agreement agree as part of the agreement that an employee will serve a period of probation or trial after the commencement of the employment. .

quality management

Business services; Human resources

The process or system of ensuring that a product or service should do what the user needs or wants and has a right to expect. There are five dimensions to quality, design, conformance, availability, ...

random testing

Business services; Human resources

Drug and alcohol tests administered by an employer which selects employees to be tested on a random basis.


Business services; Human resources

The process of bringing into an organization personnel who will possess the appropriate education, qualifications, skills and experience for the post offered.


Business services; Human resources

The act of dismissing an employee when that employee is surplus to the requirements of the organization.

replacement charts

Business services; Human resources

A summarization in visual form the numbers of incumbents in each job or family of jobs, the number of current vacancies per job and the projected future vacancies. See Succession planning.

request for proposal (RFP)

Business services; Human resources

A document an organization sends to a vendor inviting the vendor to submit a bid for a product or, service.

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