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Human resources

Referring to the function within an organisation that is charged with managing its employees, often as well as its recruitment process.

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Human resources

cost leadership

Business services; Human resources

A strategy of becoming the lowest-cost producer in its industry.

cyclical unemployment

Business services; Human resources

A form of unemployment – rises in times of economic recession and falls in times of prosperity. Now shows signs of being able to withstand increased prosperity.

observation interview

Business services; Human resources

The process of observing employees while performing their respective jobs or tasks used to collect data regarding specific jobs or tasks.


Business services; Human resources

A relatively new term, it is more far reaching than historical orientation programs It links new employees with team members very early in the employment process and continuing after the traditional ...


Business services; Human resources

Occupational health and safety – the law relating to the health and safety of personnel at work.

organizational culture

Business services; Human resources

A pattern that emerges from the interlocking system of the beliefs, values and Behavioral expectations of all the members of an organization.


Business services; Human resources

The introduction of employees to their jobs, co-workers, and the organization by providing them with information regarding such items as policies, procedures, company history, goals, culture, and ...

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