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Human resources

Referring to the function within an organisation that is charged with managing its employees, often as well as its recruitment process.

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Human resources


Business services; Human resources

The practice of allowing more senior level employees whose positions have been slotted for elimination or downsizing the option of accepting an alternative position within the organization, for which ...

change management

Business services; Human resources

The deliberate effort of an organization to anticipate change and to manage its introduction, implementation, and consequences.

clean slate

Business services; Human resources

The Criminal Records (Clean Slate) Act 2004 establishes a clean slate scheme to limit the effect of an individual's convictions in most circumstances (subject to certain exceptions set out in Section ...

collective bargaining

Business services; Human resources

The process by which (an) employer(s) will negotiate employment contracts with (a) union(s).

competency-based pay

Business services; Human resources

Competency based pay is a compensation system that recognizes employees for the depth, breadth, and types of skills they obtain and apply in their work. Also known as skill based and knowledge based ...


Business services; Human resources

‘an underlying characteristic of a person’ ‘motive, trait, skill, aspect of one’s self-image or social role, or a body of knowledge’.

competitive advantage

Business services; Human resources

‘People are the source of competitive advantage’. Other systems in an organization can be copied but not the people in the organization.

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