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Any of numerous usually small arthropod animals of the class Insecta, having an adult stage characterized by three pairs of legs and a body segmented into head, thorax, and abdomen and usually having two pairs of wings.

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tachnid fly

Animals; Insects

This fly has a metallic silver head and brown eyes. The body is a glossy metallic blue green, with bronze tinge towards end of abdomen.

sycamore lace bug

Animals; Insects

The sycamore lace bug is a North American pest of plane trees (Sycamore trees) that has been introduced into Australia. It is a white bug with brown markings. The body has short spiky hairs around ...

witchetty grub

Animals; Insects

The caterpillars of the moth are known as "witchetty grubs", and were used as food by the indigenous Australians. The caterpillar is white and cylindrical with a brown head, and looks like a fat ...

white banded plain butterfly

Animals; Insects

The white-banded plane butterfly is black above with narrow white band across the hindwings. The forewings have a number of white spots. The underside of the wings has a similar pattern but is brown ...

the white migrant

Animals; Insects

the white migrant has two colour forms. The dark form has white upper wing surface with brown wing border. The male has narrow brown border on forewings only, while the female has brown border on ...

western flower thrip

Animals; Insects

The Western flower thrip is an introduced pest species that has established and spread throughout Australia. Adults are cigar-shaped and variable in colour from yellowish orange to grey or almost ...

west indian drywood termite

Animals; Insects

The West Indian drywood termite has a rough undulating head with short broad mandibles. The head is dark in colour. They do not form large single colonies but build separate smaller nests over a wide ...

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