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Any of numerous usually small arthropod animals of the class Insecta, having an adult stage characterized by three pairs of legs and a body segmented into head, thorax, and abdomen and usually having two pairs of wings.

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wasp mimicking hover fly

Animals; Insects

This ceriana species is banded black and orange like a wasp. The antennae appear to be joined at the bottom and branch out in a y-shape? They probably mimic wasps to deter predators.

wanderer butterfly

Animals; Insects

The wanderer butterfly is a large orange and black butterfly with narrow forewings. They have a slow gliding flight. Caterpillars are striped, and pupa are green and hang down under a leaf.

vinegar fly

Animals; Insects

Vinegar flies are tiny flies that are attracted to fermenting fruit. These are the tiny flies that you see on the fruit in supermarkets and in your fruit bowl. This genus is used extensively in ...

vine hawk moth

Animals; Insects

The vine hawk moth is a brown hawk moth. The hindwings are red with brown margins. There are faint reddish bands on the abdomen. The head and shoulders are darker brown.

vegetable grasshopper

Animals; Insects

The vegetable grasshopper is bright green with purple tinge on antennae and pink wash on abdomen. They are slow moving and rely on camouflage for protection. They are not strong jumpers or fliers.

varied eggfly butterfly

Animals; Insects

The male varied eggfly butterfly is black above with a largeblue edged white spot on each wing and a smaller white mark in the outer corner of the forewings. The female butterfly has several ...

varied dusky blue butterfly

Animals; Insects

The varied dusky-blue butterfly is brownish above and pale greyish color underneath. The females have purplish blue markings on the upper wings. It usually has its wings closed when at rest showing ...

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