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Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks.

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web bug

Software; Email

A 1 pixel-by-1 pixel image tag added to an HTMLmessage and used to track open rates by email address. Opening the message, either in the preview pane or by clicking on it, activates the bug and sends ...


Software; Email

Any of several Web-based email clients where clients have to go to a website to access or download email instead of using a desktop application. Some examples are Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail.

welcome message

Software; Email

Message sent automatically to new list members as soon as their email addresses are added successfully.


Software; Email

Advance-authorized list of email addresses, held by an ISP, subscriber or other email service provider, which allows email messages to be delivered regardless of spam filters. See also enhanced white ...


Software; Email

A piece of malicious code delivered via an executable attachment in email or over a computer network and which spreads to other computers by automatically sending itself to every email address on a ...

above the fold

Software; Email

The part of an email message or Web page that is visible without scrolling. Material in this area is considered more valuable because the reader sees it first. Refers to a printing term for the top ...


Software; Email

Microsoft software tool used for developing a database. Any database vendor you work with -- email broadcaster, list broker, third-party list-hygiene service, etc. -- should be able to work with this ...

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