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Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks.

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acquisition cost

Software; Email

In email marketing, the cost to generate one lead, newsletter subscriber or customer in an individual email campaign; typically, the total campaign expense divided by the number of leads, subscribers ...

ad swap

Software; Email

An exchange between two publishers in which each agrees to run the other's comparably valued ad at no charge. Value is determined by rate card, placement, size of list, quality of list, name brand ...


Software; Email

A marketing partner that promotes your products or services under a payment-on-results agreement.

affirmative consent

Software; Email

An active request by a reader or subscriber to receive advertising or promotional information, newsletters, etc. Generally affirmative consent does not included the following -- failing to uncheck a ...


Software; Email

Email message that notifies subscribers of an event or special price.

application program interface (API)

Software; Email

How a program (application) accesses another to transmit data. A client may have an API connection to load database information to an email vendor automatically and receive data back from the email.

application service provider (ASP)

Software; Email

Company that provides a Web-based service. Clients don't have to install software on their own computers; all tasks are performed on (hosted on) the ASP's servers.

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