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Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks.

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reverse DNS

Software; Email

The process in which an IP address is matched correctly to a domain name, instead of a domain name being matched to an IP address. Reverse DNS is a popular method for catching spammers who use ...

vertical banner

Advertising; New media advertising

a banner ad with the size of 120 pixels wide and 240 pixels tall.


Software; Email

Automated email message-sending capability, such as a welcome message sent to all new subscribers the minute they join a list. May be triggered by joins, unsubscribes, all email sent to a particular ...

bayesian filter

Software; Email

An anti-spam program that evaluates header and content of incoming email messages to determine the probability that it is spam. Bayesian filters assign point values to items that appear frequently in ...

blind carbon copy (BCC)

Software; Email

Refers to the practice of sending a message to multiple recipients in such a way that conceals individual email addresses from the complete list of recipients.


Software; Email

A list developed by anyone receiving email, or processing email on its way to the recipient, or interested third-parties, that includes domains or IP addresses of any emailers suspected of sending ...


Software; Email

A single view of one page by a single user, used in calculating advertising rates.

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