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Lamb and mutton is the meat attained from the killing of domestic sheep. The meat of a sheep in its first year is lamb, the meat of juvenile sheep older than a year is called hogget, the meat of an adult sheep is called mutton.

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wool pack

Meat products; Lamb

A standard-sized woven nylon container manufactured to industry specifications for the transportation of wool.


Meat products; Lamb

When excessive wool growth interferes with the normal sight of a sheep.


Meat products; Lamb

The removal of wool from around a sheep's eyes to prevent wool-blindness.


Meat products; Lamb

A castrated male sheep (or goat).


Meat products; Lamb

A young animal that has been weaned, from its mother, until it is about a year old.


Meat products; Lamb

The mating in sheep, or the mating season (autumn, for a spring-lambing flock).

top knot

Meat products; Lamb

The wool from the forehead or poll of a sheep.

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