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Popularly recognized structures around the world that are of interest to tourists and visitors due to their notable physical features or historical significance.

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Barton Hall

Tourism & hospitality; Landmarks

This structure, built in 1840, is described by the National Park Service as an "unusually sophisticated" Greek Revival style plantation house. The interior contains a stairway that ascends in a ...

Brown Chapel A.M.E. Church

Tourism & hospitality; Landmarks

This church was a starting point for the Selma to Montgomery marches in 1965, and it played a major role in the events that led to the adoption of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The national reaction ...

City Hall and Southern Market

Tourism & hospitality; Landmarks

The Italianate style Old City Hall and Southern Market in Mobile was completed in 1857. This building exemplifies the 19th-century American trend toward structures that served multiple civic ...


Travel; Landmarks

Qomul is one of cities of Xinjiang.Qomul is one of cities of Xinjiang.Qomul is one of cities of Xinjiang.Qomul is one of cities of Xinjiang.Qomul is one of cities of Xinjiang.Qomul is one of cities ...

Pike Place Market

Tourism & hospitality; Landmarks

A public market in Seattle, Washington in which food produce and specialty shops attract an exciting cultural atmosphere. It is a treasured location on Seattle's waterfront which adds a beautifle ...

Soya village

Anthropology; Archaeology

Soya village, located on the mountains about 4 km from Ambon city, was once the central spot of the oldest independent kingdom in Ambon Island, up to the arrival of Portuguese and Dutch occupiers. It ...

Haleakala Volcano

Travel; Landmarks

The stark volcanic landscape of the Haleakala volcano stands in high contrast to its lush surroundings on Maui. Over 1.5 million people visit Haleakala National Park each year, many to watch dramatic ...

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