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Landscape design

The art of arranging or modifying the features of a yard or an urban area for architectural or aesthetic purposes.

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Landscape design


Design; Landscape design

Information piece that addresses a particular topic in detail. Modules can stand alone as a publication or be grouped together to form a unit.

needs assessment

Design; Landscape design

Analysis conducted by the designer in initial stages of design to determine client's landscaping needs, interests and goals.

patio garden

Design; Landscape design

Garden surrounding a patio or deck used to create a more comfortable outdoor living space. Patio gardens screen, soften the architectural features of the deck, frame views, and can provide shade and ...

perennial gardens

Design; Landscape design

Herbaceous plantings that can tolerate the cold and will come back each spring. Perennial gardens provide seasonal interest for a longer period of time than annual gardens and can serve as focal ...

photographic view

Design; Landscape design

The way in which we see a landscape or an area if we are standing and looking at it at ground level. Photographic view drawings on a plan help the client visualize how the installed landscape will ...

plan view or plan view drawings

Design; Landscape design

Bird's eye view of the area being designed. The completed landscape design is done in plan view.

plant groupings

Design; Landscape design

Plant groupings provide a representation of the types of plants that will occupy an area once the landscape design is completed. A plant grouping might show a shrub border between properties, or it ...

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