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Landscape design

The art of arranging or modifying the features of a yard or an urban area for architectural or aesthetic purposes.

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Landscape design

design objectives

Design; Landscape design

The goals that the client and Designer discuss in the Initial Meeting that help determine a direction for the landscape design process.

design team

Design; Landscape design

A design team is usually made up of landscape architects, engineers, horticulturists, Master Designers, Artists, and 3D renderers.

do it yourselfer (DIY)

Design; Landscape design

The process of doing landscape design yourself nstead of hiring a professional landscape design contractor for cost savings and enjoyment.

draft designs

Design; Landscape design

Preliminary designs consisting of key plants, plant and hard-good groupings as well as concept lines and spaces. Draft designs will become a completed landscape plan as specific plants and hard-goods ...


Design; Landscape design

An easement is the right to use another person's land for a stated purpose. It can involve a general or specific portion of the property. It is necessary to know if there are any easements on your ...

elements of design

Design; Landscape design

Criteria used in selecting and organizing plant materials and hard-goods and organizing them into the landscape. The designer must consider both primary and secondary elements of design.

imaginary lines

Design; Landscape design

Lines that define spaces within a landscape but are not necessarily separated by specific plantings or bed lines.

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