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Landscape design

The art of arranging or modifying the features of a yard or an urban area for architectural or aesthetic purposes.

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Landscape design


Design; Landscape design

Balance is the relationship between elements in the landscape. Balance can be formal or informal. Formal balance would usually mean that one side of the landscape is a mirror of the other, while ...

base map

Design; Landscape design

A drawing that incorporates all of the information collected about the landscape and provides the basics to be used in the landscape design process.

base plan

Design; Landscape design

The creation of bubble diagrams, concept plans, draft designs, all of which are eventually used to create a completed landscape design.

border planting

Design; Landscape design

A plant or plant grouping that divides spaces in a landscape or between adjacent properties.

bubble diagram

Design; Landscape design

Bubble diagrams consist of a series of circles or rounded shapes drawn on paper to show what the areas in the landscape will be used for. The areas may represent a turf area, a shrub border, a ...

client or family interview

Design; Landscape design

A meeting between the client and the landscape designer where the designer can gather information about the needs and wants of a client. This information will be considered throughout the design ...


Design; Landscape design

Anyone who hires an individual or company to provide landscape service or a product, such as a homeowner who hires a nursery to landscape his/her property.

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