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Landscape design

The art of arranging or modifying the features of a yard or an urban area for architectural or aesthetic purposes.

Contributors in Landscape design

Landscape design

commercial grounds

Design; Landscape design

Commercial grounds usually surround a business, townhouse complex, or an apartment building. Often, there is a supervisor or committee established by the company to govern decisions about the ...

completed landscape design

Design; Landscape design

A completed landscape design in plan view (bird's-eye view). This plan has all the information necessary to install the landscape.

concept lines

Design; Landscape design

Visible or invisible lines that define spaces or divide areas in the landscape. Some concept lines become bed lines or edging lines in the completed landscape.

concept plans

Design; Landscape design

Initial drawing of how the spaces in the landscape will appear. This drawing evolves from the shapes developed in the bubble diagram.

corner plantings

Design; Landscape design

Any planting group that occupies a corner location - typically the corner of a property. Corner plantings blend border plantings together.

cost effectiveness

Design; Landscape design

A satisfactory return from the dollars spent on landscape design, implementation, or maintenance.

design elements

Design; Landscape design

Criteria used in selecting and organizing plant materials and hardscapes to incorporate them into the landscape. The designer must consider both primary and secondary design elements to capture to ...

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