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Landscape design

The art of arranging or modifying the features of a yard or an urban area for architectural or aesthetic purposes.

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Landscape design


Design; Landscape design

The process of installing plant materials and hard-goods into the landscape. Landscape implementation is carried out according to the completed landscape design.

landscape horticulturists

Design; Landscape design

The horticulturists work on the Design Planting Plan with the Designer to call on specific plant materials that will thrive in the clients' particular climate zone, soil type, and according to the ...

lighting plan

Design; Landscape design

A CAD rendering of all the proposed low voltage lighting fixtures and transformers, their appropriate location in the landscape, wire sizing and voltage calculation charts.


Design; Landscape design

Process of making every individual segment of a landscape as easy to care for as possible. A maintainable landscape requires less labor, fewer supplies, and is less expensive to care for.

mass plantings

Design; Landscape design

Plantings where many plants of the same species are used to fill an area. Mass plantings are used as connections between other planting groups or as groundcovers.

master plan

Design; Landscape design

A CAD rendering of ALL of the proposed Hardscape, Softscape, and water feature elements together with inset photos of the clients' preferences of Design Elements. This plan depicts all features and ...


Design; Landscape design

Developing and maintaining a landscape without considering the effects one decision has upon another. This type of management will affect the long term sustainability of the landscape and usually ...

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