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Landscape design

The art of arranging or modifying the features of a yard or an urban area for architectural or aesthetic purposes.

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Landscape design

sustainable landscape

Design; Landscape design

A landscape designed, installed, and maintained in a residential, commercial, or public setting that is functional, maintainable, environmentally sound, cost effective, and visually pleasing ...


Design; Landscape design

Coarseness or fineness of the plant. Texture should be one of the first design considerations when placing plants in a landscape. Texture in plants can be created by leaves, branches, bark, or other ...


Design; Landscape design

A woody plant that usually has one main stem and reaches a height of at least 12 ft. Trees are very important for screening, framing, and shade, and are considered early in the landscape design ...


Design; Landscape design

For the purposes of the Sustainable Landscape Information Series, a unit is a group of publications that concentrates on one topic area. There will be four units in the SULIS which are: Sustainable ...


Design; Landscape design

How well the entire design comes together to form one landscape. All aspects of the landscape should complement one another rather than compete for attention.


Design; Landscape design

Mixing up the form, texture and color combinations in a landscape to create extra interest without sacrificing the simplicity of the design.

visualization exercise

Design; Landscape design

Designer pictures in his/her mind what an area will look like before the landscape design process begins.

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