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open-hearth process

Metals; Metallurgy

Process of making steel by heating the metal in the hearth of a regenerative furnace. In the basic open-hearth steel process, the lining of the hearth is basic, usually magnesite; whereas in the acid ...

open surface

Metals; Metallurgy

Rough surface on black plate, sheet or strip, resulting from imperfection in the original steel bars from which the plate was rolled.

open-hearth furnace

Metals; Metallurgy

A reverberatory melting furnace with a shallow hearth and a low roof. The flame passes over the charge in the hearth, causing the charge to be heated both by direct flame and radiation from the roof ...

olsen test

Metals; Metallurgy

A method of measuring the ductility and drawing properties of strip or sheet metal which involves determination of the width and depth of impression. The test simulating a deep drawing operation is ...

number as pertaining to hardness

Metals; Metallurgy

In copper base alloys inductry; temper is referred to as so many numbers hard, i.e. Yellow Brass Half Hard is termed 2 numbers hard. This term is derived from terminology used on the mill gloor where ...

oil-hardening steel

Metals; Metallurgy

Steel adaptable to hardening by heat treatment and quenching in oil.

oil hardening

Metals; Metallurgy

A process of hardening a ferrous alloy of suitable composition by heating within or above the transformation range and quenching in oil.

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