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Metal works and production.

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pancake grain structure

Metals; Metallurgy

A structure in which the lengths and widths of individual grains are large compared to their thicknesses.

pack rolling

Metals; Metallurgy

Hot rolling a pack of two or more sheets of metal; scale prevents the sheets from being welded together.

pancake forging

Metals; Metallurgy

A rough forged shape which may be obtained quickly with a minimum of tooling. It usually requires considerable machining to attain the finish size.

oxygen lance

Metals; Metallurgy

A length of pipe used to convey oxygen onto a bath of molten metal.

oxygen-free copper

Metals; Metallurgy

Electrolytic copper free from cuprous oxide, produced without the use of residual metallic or metalloidal deoxidizers.

oxidized surface

Metals; Metallurgy

A surface having a thin, tightly adhering oxidized skin.


Metals; Metallurgy

(1) A reaction in which there is an increase in valence resulting from a loss of electrons. (2) Chemical combination with oxygen to form an oxide.

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