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Metal works and production.

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Metals; Metallurgy

Compound of oxygen with another element.


Metals; Metallurgy

Heating a metal or alloy to such a high temperature that its properties are impaired. When the original properties cannot be restored by further heat treating, by mechanical working, or by ...


Metals; Metallurgy

Aging under conditions of time and temperature greater than those required to obtain maximum change in a certain property, so that the property is altered in the direction of the initial value.

oscillated wound or scroll wound

Metals; Metallurgy

A method of even winding metal strip or wire on to a reel or mandrel wherein the strands are uniformly over-lapped. Sometimes termed stagger wound or vibrated wound. The opposite of ribbon wound.


Metals; Metallurgy

A mineral from which metal is (or may be) extracted.

orange peel

Metals; Metallurgy

A pebble-grain surface which develops in forming of metals having coarse grains.

crystal orientation

Metals; Metallurgy

Arrangement of certain crystal axes or crystal planes in a crystalline aggregate with respect to a given direction or plane. If there is any tendency for one arrangement to predominate, it is known ...

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