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Metal works and production.

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Metals; Metallurgy

Mechanical working of metal by hammer blows or shot impingement.


Metals; Metallurgy

A eutectoid transformation product of ferrite and cementite that ideally has a lamellar structure but that is always degenerate to some extent.

patterned or embossed sheet

Metals; Metallurgy

A sheet product on which a raised or indented pattern has been impressed on either on or both surfaces by the use of rolls.

pattern welding

Metals; Metallurgy

A process in which strips or other small sections of iron or steel are twisted together and then forge welded. Homogeneity and toughness are thereby improved. A regular decorative pattern can be ...


Metals; Metallurgy

A heat treatment applied to medium and high-carbon steel prior to cold drawing to wire. The treatment involves austenitization followed by isothermal transformation at a temperature that produces a ...


Metals; Metallurgy

The changing of the chemically active surface of a metal to a much less reactive state. Contrast with activation.


Metals; Metallurgy

A term indicating the process of passing metal through a rolling mill.

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