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Metal works and production.

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pig iron

Metals; Metallurgy

(1) High-carbon iron made by reduction of iron ore in the blast furnace. (2) Cast iron in the form of pigs.


Metals; Metallurgy

Removing surface oxides from metals by chemical or electrochemical reaction.

pickling patch

Metals; Metallurgy

A defect in tin plate, galvanized or terne plated steel due to faulty pickling, leaving areas from which the oxide has not been completely removed.

physical properties

Metals; Metallurgy

Properties other than mechanical properties, that pertain to the physical nature of a material; e.g., density, electrical conductivity, thermal expansion, reflectivity, magnetic susceptibility, etc.


Metals; Metallurgy

A photographic reproduction of any object magnified more than ten diameters. The term micrograph may be used.


Metals; Metallurgy

(Chemical symbol P) Element No. 15 of the periodic system; atomic weight 30. 98. Non-metallic element occurring in at least three allotropic forms; melting point 111 (degrees) F. ; boiling point 536 ...

phosphor bronze strip

Metals; Metallurgy

A copper-base alloy containing up to 10% tin, which has been deoxidized with phosphorus in varying amounts of less than 1%. Temper is imparted by cold rolling, resulting in greater tensile strength ...

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