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Materials science; Metallurgy

A solid, non metallic (normally organic) compound of high molecular weight the structure of which is composed of small repeat (or mer) units.

ductility test

Metals; Metallurgy

A method of measuring the ductility and drawing properties of strip or sheet metal which involves determination of the width and depth of impression. The test simulating a deep drawing operation is ...


Metals; Metallurgy

(1) The central cavity formed by contraction in metal, especially ingots, during solidification. (2) The defect in wrought or cast products resulting from such a cavity. (3) An extrusion defect due ...


Metals; Metallurgy

Microscopic imperfection of the coatings, that is, microscopic bare spots, also microscopic holes penetrating through a layer or thickness of light gage metal.


Metals; Metallurgy

Long fern like creases usually diagonal to the direction of rolling.

pin expansion test

Metals; Metallurgy

A test for determining the ability of tubes to be expanded or for revealing the presence of cracks or other longitudinal weaknesses, made by forcing a tapered pin into the open end of a tube.


Metals; Metallurgy

A process in which several bars are stacked and hot rolled together with the objective of improving the homogeneity of the final product. Used in primitive iron making.

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