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Misc restaurant

Any miscellaneous terms that pertain to restaurants.

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Misc restaurant


Food (other); Misc restaurant

Japanese term meaning "dressed foods" and referring to saladlike dishes combined with a DRESSING complimentary to the ingredients. The composition of the dressings varies but is generally based on ...

Adobo Sauce

Food (other); Misc restaurant

Of Mexican origin, this dark-red, rather piquant sauce (or paste) is made from ground CHILES, herbs and vinegar.

Acorn Squash

Food (other); Misc restaurant

Oval-shaped winter squash with a ribbed, dark green skin and orange flesh.


Food (other); Misc restaurant

A Philippine national dish of braised chicken and pork with coconut milk.


Food (other); Misc restaurant

Fruit of the oak tree. Some varieties are edible and, like chestnuts, may be eaten raw, roasted or baked.

A la mode

Restaurants; Misc restaurant

Referring to the style in which a dish is prepared. The term has been Americanized to also mean pie topped with ice cream.

A la king

Restaurants; Misc restaurant

A dish of diced food (usually chicken or turkey) in a rich cream sauce containing mushrooms, pimientos, green peppers and sometimes SHERRY.

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