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Misc restaurant

Any miscellaneous terms that pertain to restaurants.

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Misc restaurant

product mix

Restaurants; Misc restaurant

Group of individual items offered for sale.

positive mental attitude (PMA) rally

Restaurants; Misc restaurant

A quick floor meeting to improve your hospitality lasting two to three minutes. It should be held at the beginning of every peak revenue period.

slide deployment

Restaurants; Misc restaurant

A maneuver when staff move from their main responsibilities to help with a bottleneck. This maneuver shows the power of teamwork and training in helping a customer and a fellow employee in need.

bin card

Restaurants; Misc restaurant

Inventory system using a card for each brand and bottle size beverage.


Restaurants; Misc restaurant

Subwaiter who usually clears and sets tables and assists the waiters.

employee turnover

Restaurants; Misc restaurant

Number of employees who leave employment after a period.

guest check

Restaurants; Misc restaurant

Pad used by server to record ordered items and their prices.

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