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Misc restaurant

Any miscellaneous terms that pertain to restaurants.

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Misc restaurant

limited menu

Restaurants; Misc restaurant

A menu with restricted offers or a limited selection.

portion control

Restaurants; Culinary

Making sure that the right amount of servings is obtained.

pass station

Restaurants; Culinary

The area where food is passed from the back of the restaurant to the front of the restaurant. Often it includes a hot hold on one shelf and a cold hold on another shelf. This station provides a place ...

plate setup

Restaurants; Culinary

The design of how the product is served.


Restaurants; Misc restaurant

Paying someone who is not an employed by your restaurant to do a project.

open-door policy

Restaurants; Misc restaurant

Refers to the boss' door always being open to employees to talk about any problems, concerns, suggestions, or questions that they may have.

bounce back coupon

Restaurants; Misc restaurant

A coupon given to the customer after the sale, enticing them to come back. It is usually has a seven to thirty day expiration date.

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