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An ocean is a body of saline water that composes a large part of a planet's hydrosphere.

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Water bodies; Oceans

The periodic rising and falling of the water that results from gravitational attraction of the moon, the sun and other astronomical bodies acting upon the rotating earth.


Water bodies; Oceans

The direction opposite that of the predominant movement of sediment along the shore. The side of a groin, jetty or other structure where sand accumulates.


Water bodies; Oceans

A general term for land or ground that is higher than the floodplain.


Water bodies; Oceans

Solid particles or masses of particles that originate from the weathering of rocks and are transported, suspended in, or deposited by air, water or ice, or by other natural agents such as chemical ...

spring tide

Water bodies; Oceans

A tide that occurs at or near the time of new or full moon (syzygy) and that rises highest and falls lowest from the mean sea level.

surf zone

Water bodies; Oceans

The area between the outermost breaker and the limit of wave uprush.


Water bodies; Oceans

An apron-like, sloped, coastal-engineering structure built on a dune face or fronting a seawall. Designed to dissipate the force of storm waves and prevent undermining of a seawall, dune or placed ...

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