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An ocean is a body of saline water that composes a large part of a planet's hydrosphere.

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Water bodies; Oceans

The front dune immediately behind the backshore.


Water bodies; Oceans

The steeper part of the beach that extends from the low water mark to the upper limit of high tide. The beach face.


Water bodies; Oceans

A narrow, elongated coastal-engineering structure built on the beach perpendicular to the trend of the beach. Its purpose is to trap longshore drift to build up a section of beach.


Water bodies; Oceans

The part of a river that is affected by tides. The region near a river mouth in which the freshwater of the river mixes with the saltwater of the sea.


Water bodies; Oceans

The distance over water in which waves are generated by a wind having a rather constant direction and speed.

ebb tide

Water bodies; Oceans

The period of tide between high water and low water. A falling tide.


Water bodies; Oceans

The wearing away of land by the action of natural forces. On a beach, the carrying away of beach material by wave action, tidal currents, littoral currents, or wind.

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