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An ocean is a body of saline water that composes a large part of a planet's hydrosphere.

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berm crest

Water bodies; Oceans

The seaward limit of a berm.


Water bodies; Oceans

A linear, floating or mound-like coastal engineering structure constructed offshore parallel to the shoreline to proteft a shoreline, harbor or anchorage from storm waves.

barrier lagoon

Water bodies; Oceans

A bay roughly parallel to the coast and separated from the open ocean by barrier islands or spits.

barrier spit

Water bodies; Oceans

A barrier beach that is connected to land at one end with the other end extending into a body of water such as a bay, lagoon or ocean.


Water bodies; Oceans

A recess in the shore or an inlet of a sea between two capes or headlands, not as large as a gulf but larger than a cove.


Water bodies; Oceans

A zone of unconsolidated material that extends landward from the low water line to the place where there is marked change in material or physiographic form, or to the line of permanent vegetation ...

beach erosion

Water bodies; Oceans

The carrying away of beach materials by wave action, tidal currents, littoral currents or wind.

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