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An ocean is a body of saline water that composes a large part of a planet's hydrosphere.

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Water bodies; Oceans

Any natural hill, mound or ridge of sediment landward of a coastal berm deposited by the wind or by storm overwash. Sediment deposited by artificial means and serving the purpose of storm-damage ...


Water bodies; Oceans

In the direction of the predominant movement of sediment along the shore. The side of a groin, jetty or other structure which is deprived of sand.


Water bodies; Oceans

The removal of sediment or the excavation of tidal or subtidal bottom to provide sufficient depths for navigation or anchorage, or to obtain material for construction or for beach nourishment.

bypassing sand

Water bodies; Oceans

Hydraulic or mechanical movement of sand, from an area of accretion to a downdrift area of erosion, across a barrier to natural sand transport such as an inlet or harbor entrance. The hydraulic ...

littoral current

Water bodies; Oceans

Any current in the littoral zone caused primarily by wave action, i.e. , longshore currrent, rip current.

longshore current

Water bodies; Oceans

The littoral current in the breaker zone that moves essentially parallel to the shore, usually generated by waves breaking at an angle to the shoreline.


Water bodies; Oceans

Scallop-like ridges and depressions in the sand spaced at regular intervals along the beach.

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