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Radiology equipment

Radiology equipment is used in the medical profession for the purpose of creating images that expose internal parts of the body.

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Radiology equipment

x-ray imaging system

Medical devices; Radiology equipment

All of the hardware and software specifically designed for imaging activities including the MV detector, kV detector, and kV X-ray source; the three robotic arms (or positioning unit arms); the image ...

x-ray grid

Medical devices; Radiology equipment

Assembly placed in front of the kV image receptor consisting of alternating radiolucent and radiopaque lamella. It is designed to reduce the amount of X-ray scatter from the patient contributing to ...


Medical devices; Radiology equipment

An X-ray (or Röntgen ray) is a form of electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength in the range of 10 to 0. 01 nanometers, corresponding to frequencies in the range 30 PHz to 30 EHz. X-rays are ...

gamma rays

Medical devices; Radiology equipment

Gamma rays are electromagnetic waves or photons emitted from the nucleus (center) of an atom.


Medical devices; Radiology equipment

A beta is a high speed particle, identical to an electron, that is emitted from the nucleus of an atom.


Medical devices; Radiology equipment

Neutrons are neutral particles that are normally contained in the nucleus of all atoms and may be removed by various interactions or processes like collision and fission.


Medical devices; Radiology equipment

Radiation is energy in transit in the form of high speed particles and electromagnetic waves. People encounter electromagnetic waves every day. They make up our visible light, radio and television ...

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