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Radiology equipment

Radiology equipment is used in the medical profession for the purpose of creating images that expose internal parts of the body.

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Radiology equipment

non-ionizing radiation

Medical devices; Radiology equipment

Non-ionizing radiation is radiation without enough energy to remove tightly bound electrons from their orbits around atoms. Examples are microwaves and visible light.


Medical devices; Radiology equipment

Radiation is energy in transit in the form of high speed particles and electromagnetic waves. We encounter electromagnetic waves every day. They make up our visible light, radio and television waves, ...

health physics

Medical devices; Radiology equipment

Health Physics is an interdisciplinary science and its application, for the radiation protection of humans and the environment. Health Physics combines the elements of physics, biology, chemistry, ...


Medical devices; Radiology equipment

Radioactivity is the spontaneous transformation of an unstable atom and often results in the emission of radiation. This process is referred to as a transformation, a decay or a disintegrations of an ...

radioactive material

Medical devices; Radiology equipment

Radioactive Material is any material that contains radioactive atoms.


Medical devices; Radiology equipment

An alpha is a particle emitted from the nucleus of an atom, that contains two protons and two neutrons. It is identical to the nucleus of a Helium atom, without the electrons.

roentgen (R)

Medical devices; Radiology equipment

The roentgen is a unit used to measure a quantity called exposure. This can only be used to describe an amount of gamma and X-rays, and only in air. One roentgen is equal to depositing in dry air ...

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