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Semiconductor quality

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Semiconductor quality

production flow

Semiconductors; Semiconductor quality

a production method in which successive operations are carried out on a product in such a way that it moves through the factory in a single direction. Flow production is most widely used in mass ...

die shear

Semiconductors; Semiconductor quality

The application of sufficient force to shear a die from the die attach medium in order to demonstrate die attach integrity.

die sort

Semiconductors; Semiconductor quality

Electrically, a probe to sort the dice on a wafer according to predetermined electrical limits. Visually, a sort into Condition A, Condition B, or commercial grade dice.

diffused area

Semiconductors; Semiconductor quality

A portion of the die where impurities have been diffused into the surface of the silicon at high temperature to change its electrical characteristics through the creation of a concentration of N or P ...

digital device

Semiconductors; Semiconductor quality

A microcircuit in which the inputs accept logic states (such as 0 or 1) and convert these to logic states at the output(s) according to a predetermined set of logic equations or function tables.


Semiconductors; Semiconductor quality

Abbreviation for dual-in-line package.


Semiconductors; Semiconductor quality

A semiconductor or semiconductor die containing only one active device, such as a transistor or a diode.

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