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Semiconductor quality

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Semiconductor quality

distributed processing

Semiconductors; Semiconductor quality

In digital data systems, the utilization of a number of dedicated processors distributed throughout the system for the purpose of doing computation locally.


Semiconductors; Semiconductor quality

An impurity that can make a semiconductor N-type by donating extra "free" electrons to the conduction band. The free electrons are carriers of negative charge.


Semiconductors; Semiconductor quality

The introduction of an impurity into the crystal lattice of a semiconductor to modify its electrical properties by creating a concentration of N or P carriers.

DPA (destructive physical analysis)

Semiconductors; Semiconductor quality

A device dissection performed for the purpose of analyzing construction or assessing compliance with predetermined specifications.

dual-in-line package

Semiconductors; Semiconductor quality

A package (either hermetic or molded) with its leads emanating from both sides of the package, then turning downward.


Semiconductors; Semiconductor quality

The metallization connecting two or more active elements on the surface of a die; also, the wires connecting the die to the package leads.

internal visual

Semiconductors; Semiconductor quality

Visual inspection of the device prior to seal to insure that die, wires and package conform to all applicable specifications.

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