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The process of converting words and sentences from one language into another with the proper grammar and subject matter relevance.

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Language; Translation

A kind of paraphrase in which surface structures are replaced by other, more basic structures (e.g. event nouns into verbal expressions: wrath > x is angry).


Language; Translation

A word-for-word translation of a target text back into the source language, often retaining the structure of the target text. This can be used to explain the translation process for an audience that ...


Language; Translation

The use of a source language item in the target language. Typically, these are cultural items such as French baguette or Russian ruble which do not exist in the source language or which are used to ...


Language; Translation

Specifications relating to the purpose for which a translation is needed provided by those who commission translations.


Language; Translation

The process whereby the individual elements of an source language item are translated literally to produce a target language equivalent (e.g. Ministère des finances – Ministry of Finance).


Language; Translation

Texts or text considered part of the heritage of a particular community and thus mandatory reading in school and university curricula.


Language; Translation

The use of a linguistic item to refer forward to subsequent elements in the text (e.g. In his speech, the King said . . .).

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