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The process of converting words and sentences from one language into another with the proper grammar and subject matter relevance.

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Language; Translation

An adjustment technique resorted to with the aim of making up for the loss of important source text features in translation with a gain at the same or other points in the target text. The fourth part ...

componential analysis

Language; Translation

Breaking down lexical items into their basic meaning components.


Language; Translation

The accessibility and transparency of a target text in conveying source text meaning efficiently, effectively and appropriately. Translation in which computerized tools such as term banks and ...


Language; Translation

In corpus linguistics, this is an on-screen or printed-out list of occurrences of the search term with surrounding co-text. Additional meanings which a lexical item acquires beyond its primary, ...


Language; Translation

The level of lexical and semantic meaning of an expression.


Language; Translation

The multi-layered extra-textual environment which exerts a determining influence on the language used. The subject matter of a given text, for example, is part of a context of situation. The ideology ...

contrastive analysis

Language; Translation

Analysis of two (or more) different languages with the aim of identifying places where meaning and use coincide or differ.

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