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Visual arts

Of or pertaining to any artistic creation that we can look at, such as paintings, drawings, or video footage.

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Visual arts


Art history; Visual arts

Works that seek to undermine prevailing standards for the form or content of anything considered “art,” first used to describe the practices and works of the dada movement that flourished during the ...


Art history; Visual arts

The earliest form of commercial photographic print, developed in the mid-nineteenth century in paris by louis j. M. Daguerre, which fixes a positive image on a copper plate coated with silver iodide ...


Art history; Visual arts

Most specifically, this term designates the 5th and 4th centuries bce in greece and the works produced then and there, though it has come to be used of greek and roman antiquity in general, and even ...


Art history; Visual arts

In relation to art, a person who describes and evaluates, or otherwise judges artworks according to some criteria; somewhat distinct from a connoisseur, who asserts a sensitivity to aesthetic value ...


Art history; Visual arts

The lintel in classical architecture, or that which spans two columns at the top and forms the lowest part of the entablature.


Art history; Visual arts

codex, a manuscript consisting of multiple handwritten pages, thus a set of texts in handwriting,


Art history; Visual arts

In art and architecture, this term identifies works from the eastern roman empire, roughly from the founding of its capital constantinople (originally byzantium, now istanbul) in 330 ce until the ...

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