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Wedding gowns

Terms that relate to the clothing worn by the bride during a wedding

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Wedding gowns


Weddings; Wedding gowns

Ornamental crown of pearls, crystals, rhinestones, or lace worn on top of the head.

tiered skirt

Weddings; Wedding gowns

Falls in a series of multiple layers of graduated length.


Weddings; Wedding gowns

Fabric of the gown that trails behind the bride.

square neckline

Weddings; Wedding gowns

A half-Square or rectangle shaped neckline.


Weddings; Wedding gowns

The strapless neckline is generally a popular choice for brides who have a large bust, and brides who have nice shoulders and collarbones.

strapless neckline

Weddings; Wedding gowns

Reveals the shoulders and usually has a matching cover-up to be worn during the wedding service.


Weddings; Wedding gowns

Hemline falls to just cover the knee.

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