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Wedding gowns

Terms that relate to the clothing worn by the bride during a wedding

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Wedding gowns

court train

Weddings; Wedding gowns

Slightly shorter than chapel length.


Weddings; Wedding gowns

See-through effect created by lace appliqué with the fabric cut out beneath.

detached train

Weddings; Wedding gowns

Joined to the gown with hooks and eyes or velcro.  Usually full at top.


Weddings; Wedding gowns

Small ornaments to the gown, such as bows, special beading or embroidery.

dolman sleeve

Weddings; Wedding gowns

Joined with the bodice above the elbow.  Fullness tapers down to a fitted forearm.

drop waist

Weddings; Wedding gowns

Sporting either a loose or fitted bodice, drop-waist gowns add styling that accentuates the area just below the waistline or the waist itself which in turn helps to add height


Weddings; Wedding gowns

Plunging neckline that reveals cleavage.

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