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History; World history

The Taochi were the people known formerly to the Urartians as Diauehi (Diauhi, Daiaeni) and they lived in Northeastern part of Anatolia in ancient times. According to Xenophon they called themselves ...

Hisn-i mansur

History; World history

An ancient city in Southeastern Turkey founded by the Umayyads in the 8th century meaning 'castle of Mansur' in Arabic. Name remained as it is until the republican era of Turkey and renamed as ...

Battle of Chaldiran

History; World history

It took place in the eastern Anatolia, near lake Van in 1514, ended by the Ottoman’s victory over the Safavid Empire of Persia. As a result, the Ottomans gained immediate control over eastern ...

The Treaty of Zuhab

History; World history

It was an accord signed between Safavid Persia and the Ottoman Empire on May 17, 1639.The treaty divided territories in the Middle East by granting Yerevan in the southern Caucasus to Iran and all of ...

The Ottoman Interregnum

History; World history

It began in 1402, when chaos reigned in the Ottoman Empire following the defeat of Sultan Bayezid I by the Turco-Mongol warlord Timur (Tamerlane). Although Mehmed Çelebi was confirmed as sultan by ...

The Treaty of Karlowitz

History; World history

It was signed on January 26, 1699 in Sremski Karlovci, a town in modern-day Serbia, concluding the Austro-Ottoman War of 1683-1697 in which the Ottoman side had finally been defeated at the Battle of ...

ottoman festive tree

History; World history

It is an artificial tree decorated with flowers, fruits, models of ship, ribbons and animal or even human figures, all fashioned from beeswax or colored paper used during circumcision and wedding ...

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