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History; World history

Member of a nomadic people originally of Iranian stock who migrated from Central Asia to Southern Russia in the 8th and 7th centuries BC.

Six Arrows

History; World history

Also known as Kemalism is the principle that defines the basic characteristics of the Republic of Turkey. These principals are republicanism, populism, secularism, reformism, nationalism and statism. ...

The Committee of Union and Progress

History; World history

It was a secret circle of liberal-minded students in the imperial military medical school in Istanbul who aspired to overthrow the autocratic regime of Sultan Abdülhamit II.It was transformed into a ...

Cold War

History; World history

The Cold War (1947–1991), was the continuing state of political conflict, military tension, and economic competition existing after World War II (1939–1945) between the Communist World – primarily ...

The Hittites

History; World history

The Hittites are a group of people who spoke Indo-European language, they ruled over the land of Hatti in central and eastern Anatolia, which is modern day Turkey during the second millennium. They ...

Prince Kado of Korea

History; World history

He was born in 1735, and married nine years later. His father hated him since he was a toddler, he had his own son at seventeen and after that developed measles. The measles healed but the side ...

Maori Civilization

History; World history

The Maori were the earliest settlers of New Zealand, they are well known for practicing cannibalism during warfare. In October 1809, they attacked a European convict ship to revenge the harsh ...

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