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Dairy products; Yoghurt

The first fruit yogurt in the UK, launched in 1963 in single churn shaped pots.

yoghurt smoothie

Dairy products; Yoghurt

Yoghurt-based with a high content of fruit blended together to produce a smoothie consistency.

sundae-style yohurt

Dairy products; Yoghurt

Yoghurt that is packaged with pieces of fruit at the bottom, making it necessary to stir before consumption.


Dairy products; Yoghurt

Also spelled "labaneh" or "labni", this is a strained yoghurt that can be found in various Middle Eastern or Central Asian countries. Depending on the territory, labneh can be made from cow or ...


Dairy products; Yoghurt

(Gujarati) Indian strained yoghurt that can be consumed during a meal as a sweet and chilled side-dish eaten with breads or curries or as a dessert dish. Shrikhand dessert has a creamy consistency ...


Dairy products; Yoghurt

Indian yoghurt condiment or side dish of a smooth and liquid consistency and consists of yoghurt mixed with a number of different spices, including but not limited to coriander, cumin, mint, and ...


Dairy products; Yoghurt

Yoghurt beverage made from a yoghurt-water mixture with an addition of salt. Popular in various Central Asian, Middle Eastern and Central European countries.

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