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Beijing has long been a culinary hybrid, a place where regional Chinese cuisines, Manchu and Mongol influences, Muslim specialties, Imperial delicacies, street snacks, Buddhist vegetarian dishes, and, now more than ever, international ingredients and techniques have all been absorbed into the basic tradition of northern Chinese cooking.

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China's last dynasty, the Qing, ruled the country for nearly 300 years. They were Manchu nomads from the north with a taste for roasted and boiled meats and sweet pastries. Some of their favorite foods, like shaqima (pronounced "shar-chee-ma"), were adopted by the Han Chinese majority. This soft, chewy sweet—which you can get in many restaurants around the city—is made from deep-fried dough strands bound with syrup, left to set, then cut into blocks.

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Última dinastía de China, la Qing, gobernó el país durante casi 300 años. Eran nómadas Manchu del norte con un sabor de asado y cocido de carnes y pastas dulces. Algunas de sus comidas favoritas, como shaqima (pronunciado a "shar-chee-ma"), fueron adoptados por la mayoría de los chinos Han. Este dulce suave, masticable — que usted puede conseguir en muchos restaurantes alrededor de la ciudad — está hecha de masa frita filamentos atados con jarabe, izquierdo para configurar, luego cortado en bloques.

Domain: Food (other); Category: Snacks

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