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Beijing has long been a culinary hybrid, a place where regional Chinese cuisines, Manchu and Mongol influences, Muslim specialties, Imperial delicacies, street snacks, Buddhist vegetarian dishes, and, now more than ever, international ingredients and techniques have all been absorbed into the basic tradition of northern Chinese cooking.

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Because of Beijing's position at the far north of China—not far from the heartlands of the nomadic, dairy-eating Mongols and Manchus—some dairy products have found favor in the capital. Beijing yogurt is sweet and soothing. Buy it in paper-topped clay jars from any little shop selling refreshments, and drink it through a straw.

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Vanwege de positie van Peking op het verre noorden van China — niet ver van het centrale deel van de nomadische, zuivel-eten Mongolen en Mantsjoe — sommige zuivelproducten hebt genade gevonden in de hoofdstad. Beijing yoghurt is zoet en rustgevende. Kopen in papier-bedekte klei potten van elke kleine winkel verkopen van consumpties, en met een rietje drinken.

Domain: Dairy products; Category: Yoghurt

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