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Beijing has long been a culinary hybrid, a place where regional Chinese cuisines, Manchu and Mongol influences, Muslim specialties, Imperial delicacies, street snacks, Buddhist vegetarian dishes, and, now more than ever, international ingredients and techniques have all been absorbed into the basic tradition of northern Chinese cooking.

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Hand-pulled noodles, made to order by specialist noodle chefs, are one of the delights of China. They can be served in soup or with a sauce, but the most classic Beijing preparation is zha jiang ...

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Because of Beijing's position at the far north of China—not far from the heartlands of the nomadic, dairy-eating Mongols and Manchus—some dairy products have found favor in the capital. Beijing ...

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A cheap and cheering street snack that consists of wheat dough wrapped around any of a variety of fillings, such as minced pork mixed with chopped fennel or a vegetable called shepherd's purse, ...

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The Chinese are infamous for eating "everything," and there are plenty of unusual foods on offer in their capital city. Curious visitors love the night market just off central Wangfujing, where you ...

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China's last dynasty, the Qing, ruled the country for nearly 300 years. They were Manchu nomads from the north with a taste for roasted and boiled meats and sweet pastries. Some of their favorite ...

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The Chinese capital's most celebrated delicacy is an irresistible combination of crisp, lacquered skin and tender meat, sliced and then rolled up in thin pancakes with dark fermented sauce, slivers ...

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Known in Chinese as scalded mutton (shuan yang rou), this is the distinctive hot pot of Beijing. Cook your own thin slices of mutton in bubbling broth, along with vegetables and bean thread noodles, ...

Domain: Food (other); Category: Functional food

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