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It is a high alcohol brandy between 36-40º. Is obtained by distillation. Its development is based on heating, evaporation of wine alcohol and subsequent recovery in oak barrels (nurture).


  The word "brandy" comes from the Netherlands. Apparently, was a Dutch chemist, resident Cognac (XVI century), the first came, before the great harvest that produced the region of Charente, the idea of ​​reducing wine volume to reduce storage costs and transport. When burnt wine (wine adustum) call this technical "brandewinj", the English became "brandy".

  The distillates were to Flanders came to be called, and so keep calling the winemaker slang, "holland", a term that defines the spirit of low alcohol wine, not exceeding 70 °.

If we were to briefly present the qualitative basis for a brandy, say "holland", wood and time in a suitable warehouse. Holland, carries part of the aromatic compounds of wine, called "volatile impurities". these volatile compounds are those which provide the netherlands its organoleptic characteristics, its peculiar and deep aroma. As you increase the alcohol content of the distillate, the proportion of volatile impurities is less, so it can be stated that, other things being equal, a brandy brandy better the more low-ranking and less senior was used for preparation.

Three types of Jerez brandy, according to the Regulatory Council:

Brandy de Jerez solera.- has to have a maturation period exceeding six months and the total content of volatile components must be greater than 200 mg per 100 cc

Brandy de Jerez solera aging Reservas Your time should be longer than one year and total volatile content of 250 mg per 100 cc

Brandy de Jerez Solera Gran Reservas minimum aging time of three years and the total volatile content of 300 mg per 100 cc

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